It’s All in the Ergonomics: What’s to Love About 4- to 6-Paddle Chairs?

If an eight-hour day at the office leaves you feeling stiff and sore, it might be that your office chair is beating you up on a daily basis. Cheap office chairs are the bane of the white-collar world. When you spend hours at a time parked at a desk, you need an adjustable office chair, something constructed with ergonomics — and humans — in mind. Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and support to get you through your workday relatively unscathed.

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs give you a full range of adjustability for all contact points of your body when you’re in a seated position. They come in an assortment of designs — some featuring more adjustments than others.

The general rule of thumb? The more paddles, or levers, an office chair boasts, the more ergonomically adjustable it becomes.

Spending your days in a chair that’s highly adjustable helps prevent multiple problems:

Upper and Lower Back Pain
Neck Stiffness
Muscle Strain
Sore Legs
Poor Posture
The Many Uses of Paddles

Adjustable chairs that feature four to six paddles are the most ergonomically sound. Each paddle performs a different job to help customize the chair to best fit your body. Paddles control such functions as:

Seat Height
Seat Back Tilt
Seat Back Tension
Forward Seat Tilt
Back Height
Seat Depth

Additionally, the best office chairs come with fully adjustable arm rests. These chairs allow you to customize both the height and width of your arm rests, or even to remove the arms from the chair completely.

When you’re shopping for an ergonomically sound adjustable office chair, notice the presence and number of paddles present. Those levers put the adjustability in your new adjustable office chair.

You may not be able to take all the work out of your workday, but you can certainly make it less painful by investing in a quality, ergonomically sound office chair. Your Back, your neck, your legs, and probably even your spouse, will thank you for it later.

Going Green with Green Office Furniture

Are you looking for a way to make your office more green? And no, we’re not talking about painting the walls green. We’re talking about making your office more environmentally friendly. Well, if you are, then take comfort in knowing one of the best ways to do this is by investing in ergonomic office furniture that is created through green manufacturing processes. From carbon neutral furniture to LEED furniture, there are many ways to spruce up your work space. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits you’ll gain with ergonomic furniture that is made using green processes.

Importance of Going Green

If you work eight hours a day, that means you’ll spend almost 2000 hours a year tucked away behind your desk. Because of this, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable. If you’re not, then we all know what this leads to; a decrease in worker productivity. Ergonomic furniture is especially advantageous to those workers who sit behind a desk all day. And best of all, this type of furniture is often created using sustainable materials, meaning it’s friendly to the environment.

Makes for a Comfortable Work Space

Ergonomic furniture isn’t like regular furniture. Each piece is designed in a way that it fits the body of the person using it. Because of this, you’ll quickly notice this type of furniture makes for a much more comfortable space to work in. And fortunately, there are numerous type of ergonomic furniture pieces, including adjustable height tables, customized keyboard trays and more, and many of them are created using green manufacturing processes.

Reducing Stress On the Body

When your office has ergonomic furniture, both you and your co-workers will likely endure less stress on your bodies. In fact, ergonomic furniture is made in a way that it helps to keep a person’s body in the best position possible so that injury is reduced as well as pain and fatigue.

Fewer Work-Related Injuries

As odd as it may sound, there are many injuries that take place every year in relation to a person sitting behind a desk. You don’t want this to happen to you or one of your co-workers, and according to OSHA, using ergonomic furniture has been known to reduce office-related injuries by up to 70 percent. If you’re thinking about investing in ergonomic furniture, make sure to buy pieces that are created using sustainable materials.

Everyone Feels Better

When you start looking for ergonomic furniture, you will benefit from looking for pieces that are also considered greenguard furniture. The ergonomic references will mean the furniture pieces will help to reduce body stress, which helps to ensure that everyone feels better in the office. The greenguard reference means that you’ll be investing in furniture that was developed using environmentally-friendly processes.

Learn More

If you’re ready to hear how we can help make your office furniture fit you and your needs then please contact Rose City Office Furnishings by calling 503.467.2767 or using the contact us form on the website. We have been helping people all around the Portland area find the best office furniture fit for them and we’re ready to help you too!

What Is Hot Desking?

Hot deskingOver the last few years, the traditional office environment has undergone a face lift. For employees, these changes have made life in the office quite different.

Working in an office once only involved coming to work every day, sitting at the same desk and continuing to work in the same spot. However, the massive financial crisis and down economy have changed the traditional office environment.

Both the public and private sectors have gone through major cutbacks, and a number of employees must use public transportation or travel with friends and family. Across the globe, a new trend is unfolding called hot desking.

How Does It Work?

There is a Naval practice called hot racking, which involves many sailors using the same bunks during their shifts. Hot desking uses the same concept. Basically, during their shifts, employees utilize the same work spaces. (more…)

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