Portland Commercial Furniture

Discover the finest selection of Portland commercial furniture at Rose City Office Furnishings. As dedicated commercial office furniture dealers, we offer a broad range of products. Find office cubicles in Portland that are designed to maximize your workspace efficiency. Our extensive collection in Portland features high-quality office workstations, crafted to promote productivity and comfort. Choose Rose City for Portland commercial furniture, and let us redefine your workspace with our innovative solutions.

As central Oregon’s best source for office furniture, Rose City Furnishings offers workstations and cubicles that are stylish, modern and empowering. The smooth, well designed surfaces are pleasant to work on and the design options available are thoughtful. These are like mini-offices instead of the cubicle and workstations of the past.

Our brands offer well-designed products with high-caliber functionality, which helps to empower the people who work for you. The innovative designs offer easy access to work surfaces and storage and enable accessorizing for ergonomic applications. The styles and brands we offer feature modern convenience and color schemes that brighten and enhance the work environment.

Maxon furniture offers both traditional pieces and modern styles that allow you to maximize the number of workspaces within a designated area. The well-made pieces are sturdy and constructed of materials that are made to last and yet can also be sustainable.

AIS Furniture offers a modern twist on the traditional styles. The bold colors that accent the work area are bright and cheerful and can liven up the work space. The modern designs allow easy additions such as elevated storage that does not take up working surfaces. AIS produces products that are quality manufactured and easy to install and adjust. The key benefit of AIS is that their designs give you more storage, and work space than most other designs even though the square footage is the same. Maximize your space with AIS.

Friant cubicles are modern. They feature rounded corners and soothing tones that help to calm and focus attention on work. Friant offers a large selection of accessories such as off-the-desk work organizers. The rounded corners mean fewer walls and more of an open area that promotes collaboration through thoughtful design.

All of the products that we sell are designed to last. We focus our selection of workstations and cubicles on quality manufacturing that is combined with quality materials.

Desking + Benching

Benching is an easy way to maximize work space when you have a narrow office. It is also a good design tool to improve the flow of your office. Benching is a tool that is used to install a workspace that is open, yet defined. Desking can allow you to add additional work space for employees who handle a lot of tasks without setting up a cubicle. Most desking options allow for the incorporation of filing systems as part of the structure or as secondary pieces. Enhance and empower your workforce with well designed and quality desking and benching options from Rose City Office Furniture.

Maxon: The benching options from Maxon offer cozy, functional spaces that are light, easy to maneuver around in, and yet designed to accommodate storage, accessories, and your workers. The benefit of Maxon brand is that it offers many different looks, shapes and styles throughout its product line. All are well made, and many contain sustainable materials.

AIS Benching offers modern styles that blend traditional design with the needs of the modern office. Find that classic look with an all grown up feel. AIS products are also well made and constructed of quality materials. AIS designs are all about function and purpose. Creative benching styles allow employees to work and collaborate, but also can add a positive dimension to teamwork and team building.

Benching and Desking styles range from the rectangle, L-shaped or U-shaped work areas. The designs offer open space without the claustrophobic feel that you sometimes get with a cubicle. These systems work well for rooms of all sizes and shapes. They allow you to create a workspace that is efficient, light, and functional. Empower your team with desking and benching options that work with them.


Private office space is the envy of the entire workforce. It is an aspiration for many cubicle users. These spaces are larger and hold more furniture than most other areas and offer a place to work with fewer distractions. When you think about what a private office should do for the person who uses it, words like creative, energetic, powerful, rich, and stylish all come to mind. The word that is missing in that list is “practical.” You can create a practical work environment that is creative and energetic while showing power, style and wealth. Empower your leadership to be all of those things in an office that helps them achieve their goals.

HON offers traditional designs with quality wood and wood-like products that are stylish and richly appointed with details. From desks and hutches to credenzas and tables the power that flows through a well-designed office is palpable. HON offers a variety of styles with quality that could be found in the largest company’s CEO office.

Paoli Furniture offers up-scale products that are well designed and created from the best materials. This is the line of products for a private office that needs style and function. The blend of colors and textures allows a richness that exudes power, yet is comfortable and stylish.

Cherryman Industries offers outstandingly rich designs with masterful materials that are pieces of art and yet they function perfectly in an executive office. This is the line of products that offers a writing surface that has depth and brilliance. These are the products that ground you, but allow your creative nature to work.

A private office should enhance the strengths of the person who works there. It should elevate and support while it allows your extreme focus and talent to shine. All of our private office products have something personal to offer to your executives and leaders. All are finely crafted and made from quality materials. If you’d like help finding the perfect office set for your private office, contact us now. We are easy to work with and ready to help.

Sit-Stand + Ergonomic

Versatility and flexibility are two components of work areas that empower employees to excel at their jobs. This is where the idea of design impacts productivity. Versatile workspaces allow employees to achieve the most comfort by being easily adjustable. Designs include adjustable desks, chairs and accessories that offer each worker the flexibility to sit or stand and still maintain a productive working environment.

We offer top brands and designs that are inspiring and safe to use. Even at their highest elevation these brands will remain stable. Many of the Sit-Stand desks are electric and offer an even greater range of flexibility than a standard desk or even a sit-stand desk that elevates in set increments. These high caliber office furniture designs accommodate employees of all sizes, heights, and those with special needs. The key is function, and smart designs mean excellent function. Our brands include names like HON, ErgoFlex, ESI and Workrite Ergonomics. Each brand offers something different such at T-Shaped desks that are easy to adjust and small enough to fit anywhere. Accessories include desk-mounted computer stands that keep your system within easy reach. Other highlights include lighting that is simple to adjust and bright enough to light your work area.

If your goal is to create a working environment that empowers and motivates your workforce then consider the Sit-Stand and Ergonomic designs that bring function and comfort into the game.


Chairs literally support us. People spend buckets of money on things like high-end athletic shoes because they need support when they run or jog. Office chairs need to have the same consideration. Chairs support our lower and middle spine and take the weight of our bodies, off our feet, legs and hips. We spend at least 1/3 of our day in a chair or a seat. Deciding what kind of seating to offer your employees and guests is important. For cubicle and workstations seating consider allowing the employee to pick their own chair or work with an ergonomic professional to fit and adjust chairs for your workforce.

There is a huge amount of different styles and usage for seating in a business. Those areas range from the front lobby to the CEO’s desk chair and off into the boardroom. Seating is important and how you choose seating is important.

HON offers an outstanding chair finder tool that you can access online. The tool is handy because it allows you to sort by styles and business areas such as lobby and conference rooms. HON also offers a high caliber selection of chairs for all areas of your business. If you need a single chair or 200 chairs, HON is a hot spot to start your search. Other brands include 9 to 5 Seating, Highmark Seating and RFM Seating.

9 TO 5 Seating offers seating that is designed for workers. They have stylish designs that are packed with creature comforts and include personal touches such as fabric choice. This is an outstanding brand for highly stylized chairs.

Highmark Seating offers a range of designs from basic chairs to executive quality seating. Their designs are modern, sophisticated and unique. This is an excellent place to find chairs to fit a special place.

RFM Seating offers some of the best chairs available. While all of our brands offer outstanding products that are well made, RFM Seating offers something special. Their chairs are richly appointed with top fabrics with a diversity of colors and textures. Style, trending and swag are words that come to mind with RFM Seating.

Taking the time to choose the right type of seating for your business is an investment in employee happiness and productivity. We offer plenty of support to customers who are shopping for chairs and seating for their business. Just call us or stop by.

Filing + Storage

Filing and storage; they are not just about putting manila files into a hanger and stuffing it with papers. There is a bit more to consider when it comes to choosing a file or storage system. An example would be a HIPPA compliant system that is designed to hold personal information that is protected by federal law. The function of the system is an important consideration.

Safety Features include systems that are designed with anti-tipping platforms that offer stability when the top drawer is opened. Leveling casters that keep your filing system level so that drawers do not open on their own and create a tripping hazard.

Storage systems include adjustable shelves that are designed to support heavy items safely. Wall mounted storage systems are designed to be structurally sound and easily mounted to a vertical surface.

Security is a part of most filing and storage systems, such as those mandated by HIPPA where access must be monitored and limited. Specialized locks and deterrents can be added.

Top brands include HON and Global Total Office. Both offer traditional horizontal and vertical filing and storage systems. HON offers modern designs that offer function, security, and safety. Global Total Office is an excellent place to start as they offer numerous designs and configurations. Both brands offer systems that are quality made and manufactured for the corporate world.


If the CEO’s office is the highest seat of power, then the mobilization of that power must come from the conference room. To manage all of the various tasks that occur in a conference room requires versatility with a spotlight on function. We offer products and furniture for conference rooms that focus on function and versatility.

Tables: We start with our selection of tables that are manufactured from quality materials and designed and come in a range of applications. From executive meeting rooms to conference rooms that are designed to seat hundreds of people we have the table selection that you need and want.

Media Cabinets: We stock media cabinets that are lockable, secure, and that feature shelving that is easy to adjust. Our Media cabinets are designed to fit larger items and all the supplies you would need.

Presentations: We focus on all of the products that you need to give presentations. From seating and tables to hospitality carts, lecterns and buffet credenzas we have it all covered. Brands include HON, Paoli, Cherryman Industries and Global Total Office. Each brand offers multiple levels of conference room furniture with quality manufacturing and options for a wealth of surfaces, styles, designs and materials.

Seating: We have seating options that range from 4 to 400. Our project managers can help you match the perfect conference table with the perfect selection of seating options. We work with all sizes of projects.

Lobby + Lounge

Our lobby furniture is designed to be welcoming. We offer a large assortment of styles that have many levels of applications. We have seating, tables, and accent pieces that fit the casual lobby or the swankiest of corporate waiting rooms. Our products are designed to help you create an environment that syncs with your company’s brand and atmosphere. Impressive designs from brands like Paoli Furniture, Ergo and HON.

Paoli Furniture offers plush, chic designs with a modern feel to them. They are richly appointed and designed to impress, yet are comfortable and easy to maintain. These designs are perfect for mid to upper level applications.

Ergo: The designs from Ergo begin with quality materials and are designed to stand up to use. These are pieces that are made to impress. Ergo uses color and texture to help you create an up-scale look that oozes refinement and culture.

HON: The assortment of lobby furniture from HON has applications throughout an entire organization. Their designs are functional and comfortable and their manufacturing features quality materials.

Lounge Furniture

Paoli Furniture, HON, and Ergo all design quality furniture that is purposeful, comfortable and easy to maintain. There are styles and designs from these brands that can be put in all levels of lounges from your basic lunch room to the posh lounges of the upper echelon of those in power. Give your employees a place where down time equals recharging so when they return to work they are energized.

Lighting + Accessories

Lighting makes all the difference when you think about keywords like creativity, motivation and empowerment. How you light the work areas of your workers is important. We offer a wide range of lighting and accessories that are designed to help you create the perfect work space. An example of a different style of lighting is found in LED lights. These fixtures use less energy, produce clear white light, and do not put off heat like a halogen lighting fixtures do. The light is friendly to the employee and to the environment. When you cannot have natural lighting, then substitute the next best thing.

Workrite Ergonomics offers excellent lighting options and accessories to modify a workspace. These products are designed to improve the work space in ways that add to productivity, comfort and focus. Expect accessories that empower from adjustable monitor arms to lights that turn themselves off when not in use.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions is a master of function with innovative designs that do the most without taking up a lot of space. They are a contemporary company with contemporary designs such as under cabinet lights. Expect products that improve a work space as well as the working environment.

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