Office Ergonomics are more important today than ever before. In fact, the right chair can be the most important aspect of your work area. Rose City has a wide variety of Ergonomic Task Chairs at every price point.

Seating Considerations

There are two areas of our body that provide support. Our feet when we stand and our bottom when we sit. The right chair makes all of the difference in how we support out body when sitting. We spend most of our day sitting at a desk, sitting in meeting, sitting in the car, or sitting at a lunch counter, dining table, or in a lounge. All of those areas contain different types of seating that should be designed to offer different types of support and function.

Lounge and Lobby chairs are designed to be comfortable, relaxing and to be easy to clean. They should be stylish and inviting while exuding confidence and power that transform a space into an area that is inviting and welcoming.

Desk Chairs should be comfortable and supportive while being functional and stylish. A good desk chair is easily adjustable and moves easily without taxing the body. Most quality desk chairs offer a variety of options that are designed to make the chair a perfect fit for the person who will use it. These include choices for fabric, arms, positioning, and supportive options such as lumbar support and head and neck support.

Conference seating should offer a range that comfortably seats the masses or be plush and supportive for chair options for meetings of the top brass. Features to consider includes storage and stacking options, durability, comfort, and fabric choice.

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HON offers a desktop chair finder that helps you sort through all of the options available within their product catalog. HON takes seating seriously an offers a wide variety of chairs that range from folding to modern to executive and lounge seating.

9 TO 5 Seating is an innovative company that offers products that are designed to support and empower those who sit in their chair. Key features include quality manufacturing, plush fabrics and alternative such as mesh and easily adjustable ergonomics that allow the chair to become an extension of the employee.

RFM Seating takes seating to a new level, literally. Their well designed and quality manufactured chairs offer something for every level of the Portland business world. Their designs include rich, plus fabric choices and supportive construction that are appropriate for every area of your business. From lobby seating to plush executive chairs, you can easily find what you need at RFM Seating.

How we sit is just as important to where we sit. We talk about creating office environments that are innovative and creative, but the key to function is comfort. An employee who is comfortable doing their job is an employee who is productive. Whether you need ergonomic chairs or standard chair, Portland’s best source for office furniture has exactly what you need.