Office Lighting & Accessories

Someone once said it was the little things that matter the most. They were not wrong. When we think about designing the perfect space we see furniture, art, tables, desks, chairs, but we rarely take into account the lighting. Whether we are talking about lighting for a personal space such as a cubicle or office or we are talking about lighting a room such as a lobby or conference room the quality of lighting that we choose makes an enormous difference to how we perceive that space.

LED lighting is kinder to our eyes than fluorescent lighting. We are sure that most of us remember those flickering bulbs that shed yellow light into a dim room. That is not the kind of environment that boost creativity or enables ingenuity. It causes people to squint and work harder to accomplish less. Lighting is an aspect of ingenuity. Artist and architects crave natural light because it is kinder to our body, and it shows off color in such a clear fashion. There is power in that statement. The power becomes an increase in function and efficiency through the purposeful selection of lighting that mirrors function and space.

Workrite Ergonomics

Offers outstanding lighting selections that work for small spaces and large rooms. Their products enhance rather than detract, and they offer simple solutions for spaces that require multiple uses such at workstations where you may use a computer monitor or read detailed plans on paper. Empower workers by allowing them to create a work space that suits their unique needs. Workrite Ergonomics does that for you.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Brings form and function to any situation that requires special lighting. They offer contemporary designs that are modern and functional From LED desk lamps to under cabinet lighting ESI delivers quality products that are useful, energy efficient and long lasting. Tech-savvy features include occupancy sensors, dimmers, and even USB ports for other gadgets.