What is an Ergonomic Office About?


Countless studies and news stories talk about it and extol the virtues of the ergonomic office, and benefits of today’s ergonomic office furnishings. Many customers ask us about it, and want to know not only what it means, but also what kind of difference it can make for them and their business.

They tell us it sounds good – and complicated – but are anxious to learn more about the role of ergonomics when it comes to choosing the right office chair, conference chair or adjustable chair. And how can they get just the right fit, all the function you need, and get the lasting value that their budget demands?

Not only good questions, the right questions, and the best place to start is with the definition from the Collins World English Dictionary:

Ergonomic (adjective)
1. of or relating to ergonomics
2. designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort,
and hence maximize efficiency

Future posts will focus on specific products, but for now, here are some helpful tips.

It’s a simple checklist of things to bear in mind as you consider your options, courtesy of our friends at ESI Ergonomic Solutions.

Your Forearms!
Keep them parallel to the floor with your elbows at a right-angle

Your Upper Arms and Elbows!
Try to keep them as close to your body and relaxed as possible

Your Wrists!
Not bent up, or down, but straight, and as flat as can

Don’t forget your Mouse!
Where it’s positioned matters – at the same height and adjacent to your keyboard

Or Your Computer Monitor
The most common mistake is too far away and at the wrong height. Make sure the top casing of your monitor is 2-3” above eye-level, and it’s positioned 18-30” away

Last, but not least – Your Feet!
Resting comfortably on the floor, even better if they’re supported with a footrest to provide flexion..

You’ll feel better and be more productive.

It’s always the little things that make a really big difference.

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