Green Office Furniture Solutions


More and more people today are committed to protecting the environment and doing the right thing whenever possible. At Rose City Office Furnishings we applaud this new era of social responsibility and look to embody best community practices at every opportunity.

In fact, our sister company, Rose City Moving and Storage, has long be an industry pioneer and has incorporated sustainability and green throughout moving processes, from green moving crates made of recycled materials to the efficient vehicles in our impressive fleet.

Which is wonderful, but you’re probably wondering, what does that have to do with office furniture?

Quite a lot, actually, and it starts by finding partners as committed to Green as we are. Here’s one example.

AIS is one of our preferred lines of office furniture, and they’ve found a better way, and a more sustainable approach, to the business of manufacturing office furniture.

A leader in Lean Manufacturing, striving to minimize and eliminate, where possible, waste throughout the manufacturing processes at AIS facilities in Massachusetts.

Using a high degree of recycled content, building furniture that is Greenguard certified, and furniture that is designed for future re-use by succeeding generations.

This is only the beginning of this amazing story.

AIS is the first manufacturer to achieve CarbonNeutral certification.

What this means is that carbon emissions are measured and then offset, investing in alternative green power, by counter-balancing what is produced with reductions courtesy of projects that make a difference here in the United States, and around the world. These projects include forest management in the Big River/Salmon Creek forests of Northern California, Wind Power from the Damao Wind Power Project in Inner Mongolia, and methane capture initiatives in the coal mines of Tieling, China.

And there’s still more to be told.

Partnering with ANEW, AIS helps customers to repurpose unwanted office furniture, with a take-back solution for not only furniture, but fixtures and other architectural materials.

Rather than adding to already over-burdened landfills, these materials are then donated to public agencies and local charities.