Cube Storage

There are about a million different options when it comes to storage space in your cubicle. When working in a cubicle, it is critical that workers take the time to make the most of their space and keep their work space tidy. There have been plenty of studies that show that a tidy work space is far more beneficial and conducive to productivity and having a clean cubicle is the first step.

Overhead Bins:

The first option for cleaning up your cubicle are of course overhead bins. Bins can be used for binders, miscellaneous items, books and other items that have accumulated around the cubicle making it feel cluttered and untidy. Bins are a great way to quickly get your office back in shape. Thanks to the doors on the bins, both sliding and pull down, the clutter can easily hid. There are plenty of companies that make binder bins and cube bins of all sizes that can be used in any size cubicle to minimize clutter and maximize overall space. Let us find the ones that work for you.


Another option for those that are a bit more concerned with overall ease of getting to their items may want to consider shelves that are designed for cubicles. This could mean shelves that are freestanding, desk top, and even better those that are designed to hang on the cube walls. Depending on the furniture, it may be an option to only have desk top or free standing shelves. While hanging cubicle shelves do help to reduce clutter and get your shelving and storage up off the floor, not all offices are going to allow them. Shelving is a great way to get your binders and other books in order and create an easily accessible storage option.


The last option you may want to consider is of course organizers, the most effective are the panel hung options. Just throwing your items into your drawers or piling on the desk is often the best way to lose items and make a huge mess. Panel hung paper flows, accessory trays and other organizational gadgets work very well while maximizing your space. These smaller organizational tools are certainly the least expensive when it comes to organizational items and they can be moved around and installed easily. With this type of organizer, you can be sure that your smaller items are going to be kept exactly where they belong and where you can get to them easily.

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Cube Storage