You spend a lot of time in your office furniture, probably too much time.  If you have bought a cheap office chair, you aren’t giving yourself the edge you need in order to stay productive throughout the day.  When you have an ergonomic office furniture, including an ergonomic chair, you will be more comfortable and experience less pain during your work day. A $100 chair from a big box office supply store may look good on the surface, but quickly this chair becomes uncomfortable.  Often the ability to raise and lower the chair becomes difficult, and the chair breaks down.  You will probably need a new chair quicker than you expected.  Cheap office chairs are difficult to customize, and lack the fine tuning capabilities needed for a comfortable day at the office.

When searching for a good ergonomic chair, there are a number of adjustments the chair should be able to handle.  As you look for excellent chair options, consider choosing a chair that is capable of the following:

  • adjustable lumbar support.
  • adjustable height.
  • seat tilting in a variety of angles.
  • arms that can be adjusted for comfort and support.

With a more expensive ergonomic chair, you are investing in your workspace.  You spend at least half of your waking hours each week working, and if you have an office you are probably sitting at your desk or in a cubicle.  To keep your spine aligned and your body performing optimally, a high-quality chair can make a significant difference.

When you are comfortable at work, you are more productive.  A good office furniture set up at work can alleviate a number of repetitive motion problems and chronic pain conditions.  A more expensive office chair is the first piece of office furniture to purchase when you are setting up a comfortable, effective work space for your needs.  After that is done then other aspects of the office furniture like work surface height and monitor position can be examined.

You will spend similar amounts of money on one good office chair, or a couple of cheap ones.  The cheap office chairs will need to be replaced often and do you and your body no favors.  While an ergonomic chair that is more expensive at first, it won’t need to be replaced as often and in the long term is a better investment in so many ways.

We have been helping outfit companies all over Portland with the right office furniture.  If you’re ready to work better while being more comfortable, please give us a call.  Whether it’s a single new ergonomic office chair or outfitting an entire office with new cubicle work stations, we are the office furniture choice for Portland.

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