Lets Talk Ergonmoics

No matter what kind of office job you have, being comfortable and protecting your well-being are important. As more people spend their nine to five (and often much longer) hunched over desks, ergonomics are more important than ever. However, it’s time to forget having “just” an ergonomic chair or simply following ergonomic best practices. Ideally, you have a complete ergonomic office cubicle to ensure that you’re safe, your body is protected and you have the tools at your disposal to bust out those TPS reports like nobody’s business.

There’s no one size fits all solution to ergonomics, and it’s more of a lifestyle than a quick fix. Simply put, ergonomics is the study of the connection between people and the objects they use as well as their environment. The goal? To match the task to the person. In the long run, ergonomics improves a person’s health, reduces employer costs due to absences or lack of productivity, and guarantees that certain legal and social obligations between employer and employee are met.

Getting Started
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