Our professional installation staff ensures easy transitions and smooth moves.

Professional installation is a key component in any office furniture project.

At Rose City Office Furnishings our team of installation experts will insure your product is installed on time, on budget and to manufacturers specifications. We’ll minimize the downtime and maximize the return on your furniture investment.

Your office furniture is an investment. It is an investment in the productivity, creative, and energetic workspace that is the representation of your business. Professional installation is the last step in the process.

Professional installation is about safety. Safely installing furniture and accessories so that your employees get the most out of their surrounding without adding risk. Examples would be hanging LCD monitors on walls or installing storage systems that are level. Both are common office installation procedures that managers often overlook. A filing system that is not level is dangerous. Drawer slide open enough to cause people to trip. Improperly installed wall mounted LCD monitors do not stay on the wall for long. That is a bit embarrassing when your presentation monitor takes a dive during your presentation. There is a long list of reasons why professional installation of office furniture is a positive.

Getting the most out of office furniture

Professional installation allows you to take advantage of technology such as mountable LCD monitors, projectors, and lighting. Some of the pieces are complex. Our professionals are trained to install all of the furniture that we sell. We also have all of the equipment and tools needed to moves and set up furniture quickly, safely and correctly.

No broken pieces, no extra parts

Avoid damaging pieces by using professionals that understand how to unpack, assemble and install your office furniture. If you are working with a plan, then they will follow your plan to ensure that you get the most out of your furniture. Best of all, no extra pieces or parts. We install every piece of furniture to manufacturer specifications. We install furniture on time and budget. Produce a professional workspace and let your employees get excited to come to work every day.

We Make Installation Simple and Affordable

Selecting new office furniture may be hard with all the choices. Carting your purchase back to the office, lugging up the stairs and then having to put it all together yourself is worse. We offer professional installation because we want you to be happy with your purchase. We want your employees to be happy with their new workspace. We try to take as much work out of setting up a new office as possible. Use our professional installation service to set up your new office, move your office, or reorganize your existing office. Add a touch of professionalism with Portlands outstanding furniture professionals.