Make the meeting better


Whether the meeting you’re hosting is the regular gathering of staff or a major presentation to current clients or prospective clients, your conference room is much more than the big table and chairs to you need to accommodate your guests.

Like every aspect of your business and each point of customer contact, your conference room makes a statement and says a lot about you and your business: We think of it as a reflection of your vision, how you work and how you think.

At Rose City Office Furnishings, we’re proud of impressive scope of our products, and that companies throughout the Portland Metro Area, Western Oregon and Southwest Washington, have turned to us for solutions that exceed their expectations, deliver great value for the dollar and with a return on investment.

ROI that customers see in both employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Count on unsurpassed craftsmanship, impeccable style and thoughtful attention to detail from our collection of conference tables, media cabinets, hospitality carts, lecterns, buffet credenzas, and visual presentation boards – simple to high tech.

The look and style you’ll be proud, easily customized to your taste from dozens and dozens of options.

Comfort and function come together at a great price, but the benefits of today’s conference room only start there.

Everything you need, from refreshments to the display of your presentation, from physical files to electronic data, can be at your fingertips, supporting and enhancing your efforts.

All of it is technology-friendly and ready to accommodate cables and offer electronic ports.

You’re connected, ready to go and ready to work.

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