Tools for a Clean Desk

Working effectively is impossible when you don’t have what you need, and your space is a mess. According to this great study from the Harvard Business Review, “People sitting at messy desks are less efficient, less persistent, and more frustrated and weary than those with neat desks.”  While you can’t expect everything in your office to “spark joy,” you can find other ways of creating a neat, productive environment at work.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place” is a great strategy for helping you get and stay organized. Having the right tools for the job is necessary to help you execute that organization. Take a look at these great products to help in your quest to make your workspace work for you!


While everyone is using the cloud, most of us still handle some sort of paper at work. Luckily there are many helpful tools to make sure your documents stay organized.

Tonic Trolly by Watson

Use mobile pedestals or trollies for folders, files, snacks, tools, anything you can think of. They easily stash under your desk, can double up as a seat for a quick one-on-one, or follow you when you need to move to another workspace. These storage companions will save a ton of real estate on your desk, and keep your purse or laptop bag off the floor!

Tonic Stash by Watson

Desktop Clutter

Paper and folder trays will help you keep everything neat, accessible and in one place on your desk. Some, like this one by Safco, come with power options to keep your devices charging while you work!

Onyx Powered by Safco
Gridworks Compact System by Safco

Depending on your specific workstation, there many different kinds of wall -hanging organizers to free up even more desk space! Customizable to whatever your needs, these help keep everything right in front of you but not in your way.

Tech Management

If you feel your computer is crowding your desk, these simple accessories will make life easier!


CPU Holders like this ESI CPU Mini will attach under your desk and off the floor giving you back your valuable workspace.

Unity G2 Dual by Symmetry

Monitor Arms are another option for clearing up your desk. There are many for holding multiple monitors in different layouts, and even a platform for a laptop if that’s your thing. Great for ergonomics, these arms will maneuver to whatever height works best for you.

Neatlinks by Humanscale

Another handy accessory is a wire management system, to keep those cords neatly in place. This helps keep your office looking organized and saves you from tripping over wires.

Hopefully these tools will help you set your workstation up for success! If you need help finding which tools work best for your desk, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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