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Bringing new furniture into your office is a big deal and an exciting time.

You’ve earned it and now you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits.

Start with a new level of comfort, greatly increased functionality, and a more efficient use of office space. Add to that what Rose City customers throughout the Portland Metro tell us: Better work-flow, improved employee morale and greater productivity.

Not to forget what that great new look says about you and your company, and the message it conveys to your clients and prospects.

You’re ready for business, as long as you haven’t overlooked one little but important detail.

What to do with old stuff?

We can help with that.

It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Taking your old furniture to a recycling center is both an easy and environmentally responsible solution. Need help? Rose City can assist you with disassembly, take down and hauling.

2 – SELL IT!

If you want to sell your old office furniture, cubicles and furniture systems and other items are always in demand.

Here’s a link to Commercial Furniture Distributors, a broker you’ll want to talk to and a call you’ll be glad you made.



Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and others, will welcome your donation of desks, chairs and file cabinets. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt, because doing the right thing is also tax deductible!

Questions? Call, email or stop by anytime – we’re here to help!


You likely know Father Joe’s Villages as the non-profit organization that for years has selflessly served the homeless and needy.

When Father Joe’s needed a friendly, flexible, collaborative workplace, with seating solutions placing real emphasis on budget-friendly, they found the answer in products from Allseating.

We weren’t surprised. At Rose City Office Furnishings, Allseating has long been a manufacturer whose products we could offer with enthusiasm. Our customers recognize the value and have made it one of their favorites, too.

Durability, functionality, and aesthetically pleasing design at a great price point are tough to argue with. Customers appreciate the wide scope of choices – from executive chairs to conference room, guest chairs to side chairs, even bar stools, plus thoughtful accessories including keyboard and monitor supports and more. They’ve got it all and do it right.

Allseating more than lives up to its name!

Father Joe’s went with the Viva task chair.

You might say the features speak loudly and clearly. Starting with a boldly designed back that automatically self-adjusts to body type and movements, and comfortably accommodating various users and changing tasks. Patented mesh technology is smooth, strong and designed to last, and durability is insured thanks to air-cushioned arm caps guarding against abrasion and wear-and-tear.

Combine that with Allseating’s amazing array of fabrics and colors to suit all tastes and any workplace, and you’ve got an unbeatable value at a great price.

For short-term seating, Father Joe’s then went with another winner from Allseating, the Inertia side chair. Seating that is comfortable, affordable, and stackable when not in use, delivering terrific value and durability, year after year after year.

If you’re looking for the perfect seating solution, call, email, or stop in today. A test-sit will convince you!


For over thirty years, since our founding in 1979, we’ve become the first choice of commercial and residential customers for moving, storage and archiving. Whether it’s Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver or any of the other areas of Rose City we’ve been here to serve you. Much of the credit rightfully goes to our people; experienced professional teams that understand what it takes to get every move done on time, and, a physical and technical capacity that leaves our competitors a little envious.

Rose City customers count on an unequalled performance and service, that’s always been our way of doing business. We’re dedicated to complete satisfaction and know our competitors scratch their heads at an unblemished BBB record.

We’re justifiably proud of history, all the more because we’re in a challenging and evolving industry.

From the early days, and even truer today, the question has been how to continue to deliver a truly complete solution then every move is unique with its own requirements?

Part of the answer came seven years ago, with the introduction of Rose City Office Furnishings.

Our new division enabled us to stay ahead of the curve and provide a full-service solution for every project – from the most conventional to the most highly sophisticated, with the expertise to assist with every phase of the move, from conception to installation.

We’ve partnered with many of the most respected office furniture manufacturers in the business, and offer competitive prices to satisfy the most budget conscious and most discriminating tastes.

But our vision for Rose City Office Furnishings goes far beyond sales.

We’re here to help with office and furniture design, space planning, ergonomic integration, delivery, installation and management of the move.

As always, whether your project is simple and straightforward, or involves today’s complex and remarkably functional modular systems, count on Rose City service and dependability to get you up and running on time and in the shortest possible amount of time.

Call, email or stop by. We’d love to talk about your project.