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Ah, the cubicle, the home away from home. If you want the best from your staff, do your part in ensuring they have a workstation that nurtures productivity. Consider the following aspects of your office and evaluate how the setup you’ve provided measures up.


We know sitting for several hours a day, every day, for years and years, just isn’t healthy. By providing sit-stand desks, adjustable monitor arms, optional footrests and ergonomic chairs with armrests, you can help tailor every workstation to every person. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all here, so many sure everyone has what they need. Try hiring an ergonomist to run through the office and make sure everyone has the tools to take care of their body.



We’ve all had to work near a Chatty Cathy and a Talkative Tom, and sometimes their stories are all you can think about! Use noise reducing panels on workstations, desks, walls, even flooring to help everyone focus.


Different bodies run at different temperatures, and few things are as distracting as being too hot or too cold. Most people don’t want to impose on others by changing the temperature of the whole office. Make sure to have enough desk fans and space heaters on-hand so everyone can make themselves comfortable. Above all, don’t forget to regularly check in and see how everyone feels about the thermostat.



Don’t let your office fall into disrepair. Putting off replacing worn out chairs and chipped desks is a recipe for reduced morale. Your staff works hard for you, you owe it to them to have quality furnishings.


Poor lighting leads to headaches, tension, eye strain, lack of focus, drowsiness and stress; not exactly helpful for productivity. If you’ve got windows, make sure the light they provide is accessible. Ensure your office has ambient lighting, overhead lighting and task lighting. Instead of fluorescent, opt for bright white or blue-enriched LEDs which increase alertness, performance and sleep quality.


While the visual aspect makes an office appealing, plants do much more than look nice. Noise absorption, air cleaning and stress reduction are just a few benefits having plants in the workplace can bring. Be sure to consider plants that will do well in an office; there are many which require less light, less water, and are hypoallergenic. Nature makes people feel good, so incorporate some into your workplace.