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Surf Chair

The Surf Chair®

Do you think a red Swingline stapler is unique? You’ve got some catching up to do. When cubicles don’t do the trick, some offices are livening things up a bit with, shall we say, creative office furniture. How about something straight out of a sci fi flick in the Surf Chair? Forget ergonomics—you know you want something that blows your mind. The fact that it’s super comfortable doesn’t hurt, either.

If you still want something with a human touch, how about some human body inspired designs? It’s the perfect conversation piece for a waiting room. Maybe your office space isn’t big enough for something like that.

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When you really think about it, there’s a lot that goes into an office. We’ve been helping find the right office furniture solution for Oregon and Washington customers for over 30 years.

It’s more than just selecting the right furniture and equipment; there are also considerations of space, workflow, and the image you want to present to customers, prospects and vendors.

Decisions directly impacting productivity and morale that can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Rose City Office Furnishings can help and all it takes is phone call or visit to get your Free Consultation started.

A few questions and a little conversation with professionals dedicated to helping you make your office all it can be and by that we mean the best it can be.

Your furniture and equipment may fit, but it may work against efficiency and comfort, and other factors to consider. How do your employees work and what are their storage needs, what are the best desk, lighting and seating options? How can you provide a workspace that is as safe and efficient as it is pleasant and enjoyable?

Best of all, whatever the size of your office, Rose City can help!

Because taking a proactive approach and making your office layout work for you – rather than against you – isn’t reserved for Fortune 500 Headquarters.

Often, the right design, to you’re your office work for you, is even more critical for small, individual offices. The right design, furniture tailored to the needs of your business and realities of your space, can deliver not only more comfort, but increased productivity.

So ask yourself a few questions:

* Are you working around an inconvenient, counter-productive office layout?
* Do you recognize the need to fix this but are unsure how to do it?
* How much would optimizing space benefit your business?

At Rose City Office Furnishings, Portland’s Office Furniture source, we’re ready when you are and would love to talk.

Take advantage of a Free Consultation and let’s work together to make your office all it can be.

Your employees and your bottom line will thank you.