Furniture Talks – What’s It Saying About Your Brand?

Peek & Boo by Boss Design

What’s the first thing you notice about any new person you meet? For most people, it’s the clothes they’re wearing. The same could be said about your business and brand. The first thing anyone notices — employees and clients alike — is the statement your office furnishings are making about your brand.

Though we’re taught not to judge people by their looks, your office’s appearance can make or break the perception of your company. From the moment your employees enter the doors of your business, they can be inspired to reach new heights of creativity and productivity — or they can resign themselves to yet another ho-hum day at the office.

Potential and current clients undergo a similar transformation when entering your lobby. First impressions matter, so you want your culture and brand to come through in every aspect of the business. If you fail to communicate your intentions from the first second clients approach your building, you could very likely lose their business no matter how superior your services are.

Make a Statement That Matches Your Business and Your Brand

Bloom by RoomB

Successful businesses know who they are, and how to communicate that identity. Core beliefs should guide a design that makes sure to reflect your company’s culture. Creating a sense of collaboration and well-being makes your employees feel appreciated and valued. Collaborative spaces show clients that your team works well with others, is engaged, and gets things done. Chic, quiet spaces show clients you’re ready to focus on their needs. Bright colors and inviting furniture show staff that work should be pleasant and interesting. Think about what message you want people to receive when they enter your work-space.

While the layout of your business will differ depending on it’s culture, every company — from tech start-ups to established businesses — can benefit from the right statement pieces. Creative businesses can utilize modern, unique and inspiring furniture, while a traditional firm full of cubicles might include a few signature statement pieces to project their company culture.

There is no cookie cutter solution when it comes to choosing office furnishings that project the right image of your business. There are as many styles as there are people. Starting with your unique culture, and making sure your statement pieces reflect it, ensures that your business stands out from your competition while still remaining true to all that is important.



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