Rose City Office Furnishings – Sustainability

Portland is a green city, and the sustainable ideology has helped to create one of the nations best examples of how to live and do business responsibly. Rose City Office Furnishing embraces those philosophies through the products and services that we offer.

We are committed to meeting the sustainable demands of our clients. We partner with companies that have significant green business practices. We look for products that have a negative environmental impact. We look for products that are manufactured using sustainable practices. Many of the top brands have recognition through awards for greenism and sustainability, both in product components as well as for manufacturing techniques.

We practice what we preach

Portland’s best source for office furniture is a green business. Our 185,000 square foot warehouse has energy efficient lighting systems. The system work off of motion detection units that shut off the lights when nobody is around. Our green energy plan is one of the ways that we reduce the amount of energy that we use. We focus on being efficient so that our carbon footprint is as small as possible. We look closely at what we purchase and how we use supplies. We look at how we use natural resources. We employ a water recycling program that captures and reuses the water when we wash our company vans, trucks and vehicles. We buy recycled products such as coffee cups. We try to be an example of how to run a green business. We take that role seriously.

Sustainable products include:

Energy Star lights – Reduce the amount of energy that your office uses. Energy star lights and products make a huge difference.

LED lighting – Where possible switch to LED lighting. The lights last long-term and they require a fraction of the electricity to operate. No bulbs to recycle either.

Motion Sensors: Motion sensors help to stop the flow of wasted electricity. Forgot to turn off the lights in the conference room? Not a problem. Forgot to turn off the lights in your office? Not a problem. Simple tools make huge contributions to energy reduction. Go green the easy way.

LEED Certification and Products

We are knowledgeable in LEED certification. If you are working with a LEED building or on your LEED certification, we can help. Let our sales professionals show you LEED qualified products and accessories. We are also a wealth of knowledge if you are just considering making your office a green office. We are happy to help you with the project by suggestion easy to implement tools and accessories that make a difference.

For questions about sustainable products or processes, just call us or stop by. We are happy to share our vast knowledge with you.