Space Planning & Design

We’ll manage your office design so you can manage your businessIs a service that we offer that helps you create a working environment that is productive and engaging. We feel that by just selling high-quality office furniture that we would miss the opportunity to help Portland based businesses to create the best working space possible. It is, after all, the Portland business scene that keeps us in business.

  • We want you to succeed.

    Office Furniture Space Planning

    Office Furniture Space Planning

  • We want your business to grow.
  • We want your business to thrive.

Why designing your work space is important

By offering space planning + design, we can start your journey off on the correct foot. We can help you create a work environment that mirrors your business philosophies. We work with you to get the most out of the space you rent. We can evaluate your square footage, lighting, and access and suggest layouts that exploit the natural features of your space. An example would be the placement of desking or benching in such a way as to take advantage of natural lighting.

The space we inhabit has a lot to do with how we perform. It is certainly easy to slap a few cubicles together and call it a work space. It is quite another thing to choose the right cubicles and accessories to create a space that is correct for those who inhabit that space. Rather than cubicles, consider a modern workbench with open space and proximity allow people freely to collaborate. Another idea is to use products such as standing desks and monitor arms that can turn a cubicle into a mini- That is an example that takes into consideration the people and their function and then uses that to create a space that is engaging and productive.

That process begins by understanding the business process, something of the people who will work there, business goals, and the tool that are available with which to work.

By considering the use of space and the people who will work there we help to create an environment that promotes efficiency, energy and productivity. Those are all aspects that move your business forward.

By understanding the business, business goal we can recommend office furniture that become the literal foundation and building blocks that you can use to create the perfect working environment. An example of this concept is a small office space. A small space environment makes every square inch counts. Ideas to maximize space include Benching instead of cubicles. By using wall mounted LCD computer monitors, desk space can be smaller. Wall space is one of the most underused surfaces in an office setting. Imagine small bookcases that are mounted to the wall or hutch-type storage systems that are not competing for floor space. You can create a space that flows and is energetic without creating chaos and clutter. Productivity is a key consideration when designing office space.

Designing for the future

Growing your business is a normal goal for every company. Planning for growth is important when you design office space. The idea is to include products that are scalable. High caliber design allows for the easy addition of new stations and equipment. It makes a difficult situation to add a new cubicle into a room that is already full. A benching system allows the use of the space to become versatile. Versatility is important when designing a space. Considering growth potential is also important especially for long-term sustainable growth and scalability.

Branding and Office Design

If we consider branding and the message that your brand sends to people. Those people include your human capital. Think color. Think energy. Think progressively. What is the message that your brand sends? Recreate that message throughout your office. Portland is a city where branding is critical. The message that your company’s brand sends is part of what becomes your signature within the community and even nationally. Design your office to enhance your brand. We offer products that help to mirror your branding message. These includes:

  • Sophisticated furniture and art.
  • Sustainable products
  • Color and patterns.

The use of color is a powerful tool of design. Products like cubicles with color accents or desking surfaces that are a specific color enable the use of color and design to emphasize branding.

Office design is important. It allows you to focus productivity through efficient use of space and by employing tools that make a difference. If you have questions about how to design your office space, just ask Portland’s best source for office furniture.

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