From Lateral and Vertical Files, to High Density Filing and HPPA compliant secure storage options, Rose City can efficiently and effectively help you with all of your filing and storage needs.

Filing & Storage Cabinets

The idea behind quality designed file and storage is function. A well-designed workspace has everything that an employee needs without creating chaos. Chaotic environments sap creativity and defeat function.

If ingenuity and efficiency are the goals, then chaos must be held at bay. Forward thinking design allows employees to build systematic storage using logic. Everything has a place, and everything in its place is how to decrease the natural force of chaos.

File and storage systems range from traditional towers and metal drawer units to cabinetry that features frosted glass and warm woods.

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 Global Total Office offers traditional file and storage products what are quality made and manufactured. They offer the purest form of function for both vertical and lateral systems. Innovative design enables storage units to be versatile in use from lockers to personal towers that are easily secured with lock and key.

HON offers products that are both traditional and modern in design and function. The forward thinking design allows products to present multiple office storage and filing needs while being secure and even fire resistant. HON systems can be stand alone units or become part of a matched desking system that is elegant enough for a corner office.

Each piece of filing or storage furniture is created using quality manufacture standards. From safety to function the design is there to prevent toppling while allowing the system to be used efficiently. Even moveable units are constructed with wheels that offer stability and safe movement of the unit. Security is easily added with locking systems that are difficult to bypass and easy to employ. The interior space is standardized to enhance a regular or legal/medical environment. Storage systems offer shelving that is adjustable and sturdy and that allow for the storage of odd sized components. The options available are sufficient to offer easy and affordable file and storage systems that complement and empower the work environment. Easily keep chaos at bay and encourage productivity with any of our filing or storage quality designed pieces.