With thoughtful consideration to details, our comprehensive casegoods collection features the bells and whistles you wouldn’t expect, at a price that is sure to fit your project budget.

Private Offices

Create richly appointed but budget minded environments that provide the perfect private office. Add form and function to management and leadership work spaces while bringing forward thinking and innovation to their environment. Private offices should be rich in appearance, clever in design, and efficient in form.

When you think about what a private office should be several key images come to mind. From the perspective of the person who will work here, the idea of a comfortable, warm, and functional space are intermixed with the desire to have a space that is richly appointed and powerful in appearance. From the perspective of people who interact in this office the idea success, knowledge, and ability are present. Those are all traits that describe leadership. Richly warded, functional, warm, hospitable, capable, and knowledgeable. These are all keywords that describe the products that we sell. Portland is a city where the warmth of function is offset by the knowledge and power of those who are capable. Bring the flow of energy and sustainable freedom to lead to your executive team.

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Hon products offer rich surfaces and modern design that are warm and contemporary. Enhance creativity and productivity with the meaningful aesthetics of a quality piece that build an environment that is both functional and powerful. Hon delivers grace, elegance and innovation in a series of pieces that are rewarding, uplifting, and functional.

OFS products offer modern and comfortable designs with collaboration and sustainability in mind. With over 80 years of experience, they have mastered the art of making products simple, purposeful, and personal. Create spaces that are functional, unique and polished with OFS.

Cherryman Industries offers high-end quality and designs that are budget minded. Sleek, stylish, and well crafted these are heirloom quality pieces that exude confidence, knowledge and power. Set the scene or just add refinement, either way the well designed and manufactured furniture from Cherryman will empower the space it occupies.