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We’ll manage your office design so you can manage your business.

Space planning and office design is the foundation of every successful furniture installation.


With more than thirty years in the office furniture industry, we can recommend specific brands and styles that cater to the dynamics of your business model and fit your company’s budget. From single offices to fortune 500 companies, we can craft a design plan that will optimize your use of space, maximizing the efficiency and comfort of your office environment.

During your free consultation, we’ll find out how your employees work and identify the types of storage, desk, lighting and seating options that will ensure a safe, efficient and enjoyable workplace.

Stop working around an inconvenient office layout, make your workplace work for you!

Call us today at (503) 467-2767 to schedule a free design consultation and start transforming your office in the optimum space for realizing your business’s full potential.

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