Workstations and Cubicles

Portland based businesses can find outstanding quality, and design at Portlands best source for office furniture, Rose City Office Furniture. Power up your business and productivity with workstation and cubicles that are Intelligently designed to be comfortable, modern and stylish. Productivity is an active phrase. It is also a frame of mind that can be enhanced by your surroundings. In fact, studies show that when people feel empowered they are engaged and committed to the task at hand. Part of the process of creating an engaging environment begins with the critical thought of choosing the right workstation and cubicles.

Uncomplicated function and productivity are key components of design. Workstations and cubicles that are designed to offer maximum efficiency do so by being easy to use, well designed and offer comprehensive tools that empower and inspire works to be productive. Simple efficiency is a key thought. It is often the little things that defeat us. Drawers that are hard to open, a desk that is at the wrong level, and lighting that is dim or dull are choice examples of how the work space can deflate the power of productivity. Find the quality and style you want for your Portland-based business at Rose City Office Furniture.

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AIS Cubicles

Offers innovative panel based cubicles that are modern and engaging. Brightly colored and vibrant accents add energy and productivity while the well designed, and functional surfaces make it comfortable and easy to work. Products include straight line designs or artful curves that add space and function to your work area. From the home based business offices to fortune 500 companies, AIS means quality manufacturing and value.

Maxon Cubicles

Maxon cubicles bring the old school cubicle into the modern era. The products are well designed and make customized work space a snap. Wall height adds privacy and dimension without causing claustrophobia. Maxon cubicles are empowering. The design adds functional storage and easy to adapt features such as a counter, bench, or additional work surface. These are products that are designed to empower workers to be productive, innovative, and capable.

Empowerment should be a key focus when choosing a workstation or a set of cubicles. One element of that process should be adaptability. Everyone is different, and a work space should be adaptable to the person who will be working therein. That philosophy is right out of ergonomics. Too many times employees are forced to conform to a work space rather than adjust the workspace to fit the employee. Empower your employees to be more productive by choosing the best components that focus on creating the best work environment possible. A good tip: Let the employee pick out their own chair and desk accessories. The personal touch is an awesome tool. When employees love the space where they work happiness exudes!

Quality, Built to last, Award Winning are all keywords that add value to your workspace investment. You will find quality in all of the products that we sell. We focus on companies that offer sustainable solutions to workplace environments and that have built-to-last mentalities when it comes to workspace furniture. We want each of your employees to feel as though they are working an award winning environment. That is why we offer brands like Inc, Fraiant, HON, AIS and Maxon. We’d like to be one of the reasons your business gets inspired.

Versatility: Each of the manufactures that we represent offers a versatile collection that will enhance your office space. Whether you want a modern styling or bold colors and quality that offers dependability, what we sell is not only high caliber, but also it is budget friendly.

Value, Sustainable, Budget friendly are all keywords that describe living and working in Portland. Carry those trends forward when you choose workstations and cubicles. Inspire creativity with outstandingly high caliber design and function. Shop to empower at Portlands best source for workstations and cubicles.