Lobby & Lounge Furniture For Offices

They say that you only have one opportunity to make first impression and how you design your lobby may be the only change you have to impress. If you consider that lobbies were once just considered waiting areas for customers with pending appointments and how those times have changed. Today, the well appointed lobby is as plush as an executive lounge. There is comfortable seating, with richly appointed fabrics and upholstery. There is elegantly designed furniture with a reception station. There is art that inspires and pleases the senses. The idea of waiting became a tool several decades back. Allow people to wait and let them soak up the culture and refinement of your business. Designing a lobby should mirror the goals and ethics of your business. Let your first impression be positive and empowering to those who open your door.

Ergo offers exceptional quality and design in modern and artful pieces that are comfortable, well constructed and plush. Their line of seating exudes function and style. Expect products that range from casual to up-scale.

HON offers a chick assortment of seating options for you lobby. From overstuffed chairs to sofas, HON furniture is inviting and comfortable. The modern designs are tempered with quality fabrics and tones that embellish and demure at the same time.

What a lobby does for your guest a lounge should do for your employees. The function of a lounge should be to break the work cycle and allow each person who visits the lounge to experience down time. While that may sound counter productive to creating an energetic and productive work environment, the break is designed to recharge and encourage employees actively to complete the tasks at hand.

Lounge Furniture

HON offers furniture for all levels of lounge design including lighting, tables, and seating. For quality products that are designed to stand up to constant use choose HON. HON brings a range of products that are expertly made, easily cleaned, and functional. Empower your team with a space that is filled with quality down time.

Ergo Furniture brings the My Favorite Space concept full circle with products that are designed for the employee lounge or waiting area. From seating to furnishing that inspire confidence and rejuvenation for all levels of your business. Ergo offers exceptionally well designed and constructed pieces that enhance the space in which they are used.