Desking and Benching

Poise is a word that at its core means the perfect pinnacle between preparation and action. In business, poise is the positive culmination of effort, readiness, and knowledge. Poised to grow, poised to strike, poised to succeed are all attributes that describe an employee about to accomplish something. Poise is a feeling of confidence and style. Quality desking and benching add poise to your office or to an employee’s space. The right tools for the job make all of the difference. Invest in tools that offer surfaces and storage capabilities that improve productivity by increasing creativity.

Friant Benching

Is an example of how design impacts productivity and creativity. The sleek surfaces offer modern design that exude performance and involvement. The well designed desking and benching from Friant is easily adaptable so that employees or teams can create a space that works with them instead of against them. Friant offers scalable pieces that grow with your company.


Produces desking and benching options that are designed to be sets or stand alone pieces. Featuring quality design and construction these furnishings are supportive and comfortable. HOS designs pieces which are artfully defined to energize the work environment. Design is everything when it comes to creating a space that increases collaboration and involvement. Productive employees are involved in their jobs, their tasks and their goals. They collaborate and build ideas that are creative, functional and capable. Those are the very ideas that HON designs into its desking and benching pieces.

AIS Desking

Is an opportunity to create a setting and evoke a mood. The environment that your company creates for its employees sets that stage for success. An upbeat space empowers people while a space that has poor lighting or a desk that is not comfortable creates tension. Things to consider when you choose a desk include adjustability, functionality, and quality design. Whatever your goal, we offer office products and furniture that make it easy for you to add poise to your space. Empower your workforce to become creative and engaged with a work space that works with them. Shop with confidence at Portland’s outstanding source for office furniture.

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