Our professional installation staff ensures easy transitions and smooth moves.

Moving your office can be a nightmare. It does not have to be though with Rose City Office Furnishing Move Management services. Our move management service is a Collaborative effort designed to pack up your office, transport and reassemble your office furniture at your new location. Every move is a time sensitive operation where efficiency means a decrease in downtime.

Furniture Moving Plan

Furniture Move Plan

Working with you to make a plan

The collaboration begins with planning. We can help you plan the placement of furniture so that you achieve the best use of the new space. We can help you take advantage of the natural benefits of your new space such as natural lighting.

We can offer suggestions to improve the space such as special lighting or accessories that will help improve workflow. Space strategists are a pivotal part of moving. They help you think about today and your business needs. They help you think tomorrow and growing your business. It is easier to strategizing your move and furniture placement because it helps to promote easier growth tomorrow. Need to add staff? Not a problem. We can work with you to add components in such a way as to not diminish the dynamics.

Making the Move

We live furniture. We don’t mind moving it. Allow our experts to disassemble, pack and move your office for you. We will happily reassemble your furniture in its new space and help you plan how best to utilize your space. We work fast and efficiently so that your old office becomes a new efficient office quickly. We focus on high caliber results. We work on budget and on time. Everything we disassemble and reassemble is to manufacturers specifications. We work with all sizes of projects and systems. Our staff is happy to help you with small projects or with projects that involve the most complex modular office systems. We will make suggestions, but we work to your specifications.

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